COVID-19 has managed to throw a wrench in all of our springtime 2020 plans. The changes we’re experiencing don’t have to interrupt your daily dental routine. Taking care of your smile should remain a top priority, and we know that while you are sheltering at home, you may have found yourself making some not-so-smart snack choices.  Not to worry, we have tips on how you can spot a developing a cavity from the comfort of your home, and what steps you need to take for relief. 

Signs you may be developing a cavity or tooth decay: 

Toothache / Spontaneous Pain

If you find that you have spontaneous or shooting pains in a tooth without any cause that continues to persist longer than 3 days, you may be developing a cavity. 

Pain, when you chew or bite 

Are you having difficulties when you chew or bite foods? Does it send pains throughout your mouth that makes you avoid certain foods or make you opt for soft foods instead?  This too can be a sign that you are suffering from a developing cavity.  

Sensitivity to hot/cold sensations 

When it comes to eating and drinking, do you have trouble with handling cold and hot temperatures? This sensitivity to temperature can be an underlying and early sign to tooth decay. 

You may not experience any of the above symptoms consistently and it may be possible that you still could be forming a cavity or suffering from tooth decay. This can be a result of inadequate brushing, not getting enough fluoride, dry mouth or overindulgence on foods that can cling to your teeth for a long period of time. 


If you are having tooth pains, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

If you’re feeling sick, but still having dental issues, you can schedule a telehealth appointment.


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